Here is list of projects me and my company been/is working on

Software development

CQ5 based portals for one of Polish Pharmaceutical company

Support of over 150 CQ5 based portals. Technologies used:

CQ5 5.4, Java 5, Sling, Maven, whole Atlassian stack(Jira, Bamboo, Stash etc).


Java based CMS system for one of largest Polish publish house Ringier Axel Springer Polska.

Goal was to collect requirements, design, implement completely new solution that will replace all older application used to publish content over the internet.

New solution had to have 100% compatibility over old ones. Main problem was to keep old link structure that was different for each of old applications. Some of them were based on PHP, Ruby, .NET. The second biggest problem was to provide an application that will have high efficiency. Application that will survive peaks of many thousand request per minute.

Our solution didn’t have authoring backed, we had to integrate with existing .NET based solution using SOAP that was used to author content across whole company.

We’ve chosen Java 7, Spring/Spring MVC, Hibernate, Tomcat, JSP and JSTL, MySQL and large opensource based front proxy/caching solution.

Currently(in middle of 2014) our solution is used on sites.:,,,

Solution for polish mobile networks

Large integration solution for one of polish cell phone providers. We had to provide solution that will analyze traffic, collect statistics, limit bandwidth, create reports and integrate with rest of infrastructure.

Technologies were: Java 5, ServiceMix, JBoss Drools, Hibernate, MySQL, Oracle, PL/SQL, Adobe Flex/Apache Flex.

E-commerce platform for one of British Marine shop

Quite large on-line shop. Lot of content and large performance requirements.

Technologies used:

Java 1.4, Tomcat, Hibernate, PostgreSQL, Apache HTTPd, Linux, Eclipse, ANT, JSP, JSTL


Simple MIDI Control

Simple board that convert 24 digital/analogue inputs into midi messages sent over USB.

Goal was to create simple and cheap board that will allow to build DIY midi controllers.

Technologies used:

STM32 uC, C, custom USB stack, Java Based configuration software